Multimedia Delivery für personalisierbare E-Services

Matthias Wagner

Multimedia Delivery für personalisierbare E-Services

Dissertation, Universität Augsburg.
Erstgutachter: Professor Dr. W. Kießling
Zweitgutachter: Professor Dr. B. Möller
erschienen 01/2002


Efficient multimedia database and middleware systems are crucial for a large variety of multimedia applications like Web portals and digital libraries. Hence, the further improvement of these base technologies is a major topic in database research. Multimedia content differs essentially from numeric and character data used in conventional systems and requires new strategies in data storage, administration and retrieval. Apart from basic data management the delivery of multimedia content is of essential importance: today value-added Internet applications like portal services, multimedia libraries or e-shops already have to provide a flexible delivery of multimedia data and complex digital content to support different kinds of Internet users and different types of WWW browsers. With the rollout of UMTS telephony and the potential convergence of Internet technology and mobile communication the existing high demand for the personalization of e-services might even increase. The current trend towards a "Mobile Internet" points to a wide acceptance of flexible, adaptable and personalizable multimedia applications in public and private life within the near future. Possible applications include the personalized multimedia access to news services and city guides - e.g. in chorus with GPS positioning, route guidance and telematics services - as well as mobile messaging using images and video.

In this thesis a new concept called Multimedia Delivery is developed and evaluated supporting the flexible and efficient personalization of multimedia content. Multimedia Delivery is to strengthen the infrastructure of future Internet applications and to facilitate the implementation of e-services for different kinds of users and different types of mobile devices. The building blocks of Multimedia Delivery include the efficient and cost-optimized synthesis of multimedia objects, the format-based optimization of multimedia database servers as well as the progressive and personalized delivery of complex multimedia documents.