Prof. Dr. Franziska Klügl



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Raum: 2042
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Research Interests

Agent-based Simulation, Multi-Agent Systems, Adaptive Agents, Emergent Phenomena and Bio-inspired Computing, Agent-oriented Software Engineering, Modelling Languages, Spatial Modelling, Traffic and Pedestrian Simulation, Visual and End User Programming

General Information

After visiting Augsburg University for a couple of month in 2010/2011 in a collaboration project with the groups of Prof. Andre and Prof. Timpf (Geoinformatics), I'm back: From October 2011 to August 2012, I'm happy to work as a Guest Professor at the Institut für Informatik, University of Augsburg. Originally, I'm full professor in Information Technology at the Örebro University in Örebro, Sweden (>200km west of Stockholm). There, I'm heading the Research Team Multiagent Simulation at the Modeling and Simulation Research Center. On my home webpages, more information about my research and my publications can be found. In Örebro I'm teaching in the International Master's Program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems as well as in the Bacholor Program on Computer Science for Simulation and Games.

During my time as a Guest Professor, I'm giving a number of courses at the University of Augsburg:



Vorlesung: Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz (erste Vorlesung am 18.4., 14:00 in 1058/N)

Seminar: Geosimulation (Anmeldung über LectureReg, Vorbesprechung, 17.4., 17:30 in 1057/N)

Seminar: Naturanaloge Algorithmen und Multiagentensysteme mit Prof. Hähner (Anmeldung über Digicampus, Vorbesprechung 25.4. um 12:15 in 1057/N)

Praktikum: Multiagentensysteme (Anmeldung über LectureReg, Vorbesprechung, 16.4., 15:45 2026/N) 




Vorlesung: Multiagentensysteme

Techniken der Verkehrssimulation

Together with Michael Wissner: Praktikum: Multimodale User Interfaces: Virtuelles Klassenzimmer

Together with Prof. Sabine Timpf (Geoinformatics), I'm organizing a "Methodenseminar" in Geoinformatics.